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View Social Lister Free in the Windows Phone Marketplace


This Windows Phone app allows you to easily create numbered list-based messages that can be sent to Facebook, Windows Live, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just setup your starter text containing "#n".

You can then post complete messages that automatically contain it along with a counter. A complete history of your posts is saved for easy resending. And Social Lister features full landscape support! Send out reasons why Mustangs are better than Camaros (or vice-versa)! Or why someone should vote for your favorite candidate. Or my favorite, why Windows Phone will rule the world!

Download Social Lister and add up to 3 lists and 10 posts per list for free! Maintain unlimited lists with unlimited posts for only $0.99. Or download the ad-supported version of the app, Social Lister Free, and work with unlimited lists for free!

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